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Jan 1, 2013 / 4 notes

2012 in looks

Happy New Year to you all!!

Here I present a little recount of what I wore this year…

Let’s hope for a new year filled with good health, great opportunities, lots of love and of course of dressing better !!! 

PS. There’s more of December… but I’ll add them after I show them to you in the blog!


Aug 20, 2012

Feeling just peachy

Hi guys! I’ve missed you!

The reason of my absence is that I’ve been on holidays and have stayed away from the computer, and now I have only one week left (sniff) until I get back to hard crazy work (but I wouldn’t have it any other way)

Here’s some photos that have been laying around for a while and that I think it’s time to share. 

It’s a combination I really like, very “fruity” and “pastel” at the same time.

We had fun shooting these pictures so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Happy monday!


ESPAÑOL: Como los he extañado!

Perdón por estar tan desaparecida, pero como he tenido unos días libres no me he querido ni acercar a la computadora.

Estas son unas fotos que tomamos hace muchísimo tiempo y por alguna razón no les había enseñado. (Rarísimo porque son de mis fotos favoritas)

Esta combinación me encantó. Tuve inspiración en cítricos pero de una forma menos intensa.

Ojalá les guste el look y las fotos!

Jul 5, 2012 / 2 notes

Vintage Blue

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m terrible at buying second hand clothes, and that sucks!

I see girls like Georgiana who seems to have a gift at finding fabulous vintage pieces without emptying her wallet… and me, everytime I enter a vintage store I end up with an allergy (literally) and empty-handed.

I think it’s the fact that I have no patience whatsoever… so I can’t keep too long looking among the piles of clothes in order to find something. That added to the fact that I truly believe it requires a special talent (that I obviously don’t have); a sort of radar to finding those amazing treasures.

Anyways, here I present to you my only vintage piece I own (so far)

I got it when my mom visited last October and only until this weekend I finally wore it. First because since I’m a clean freak I washed it 3 times before daring to put it in my closet with the rest of my clothes. And second because, even as excited as I was when I bought it, somehow I wouldn’t feel like wearing it.

But now that I wore it, I love it!! And I think I’m gonna be wearing it a lot this summer… what do you think, do you like it?

Location: Rue Malebranche, 5e


ESPAÑOL: Este es un look con mi primera compra vintage :)

La verdad soy malísima para comprar ropa vintage; como que me hace falta ese don para saber buscar y encontrar tresoros a precios buenísimos!

Al fin, hace un año compré este vestido y apenas ahora lo estoy usando. Lo terminé lavando 3 veces antes de atreverme a meterlo en mi closet con el resto de mi ropa (ya se, loca exagerada jaja)

Pero bueno, por fín encontré la forma de usarlo y me encanta! Aunque tal ves se vea muy “RETRO”? Ustedes que opinan?

Feb 26, 2012 / 5 notes

A hint of pink

Finally! after many extra-cold, commitment-full weeks we were able to have a “normal weekend” and the chance to take some pictures for the blog… I had missed it and I can’t wait to do it again and again.

It was nice to have some free time for a change, though today I’m stuck at home with a lot of homework that I just can’t seem able to start… What about you? Tell me about your weekend!

PS. I finally dared to wear my pink lipstick in public… I think it’s not so bad, what do you think?

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