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Just like cotton candy

Hi guys! How’s the weekend going?

Here are some pictures taken yesterday when I decided to dress all in pink, which obviously perturbates the whole parisian population. {You can imagine the stares of “how dare she dress in color?” I got}. I’m used to it but it’s nonetheless a bit annoying.

The plan was to go first to the Colette Carnaval and after to the Salon Vintage in the Marais.

The thing is, we had things to do in the morning and when we arrived to the Tuileries it was absolute chaos… so unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Carnaval :( sucks cause it seems to have been pretty amazing.

{btw there I saw Emmanuelle Alt who actually also stared at my outfit, but with a blank stare lol… but well she can… you know? she’s not really into colors and she actually knows about fashion not like the rest of the people who disapproved my outfit}

Finally, we bought some macarons at Ladurée as a consolation prize and then left to the Marais, even though we missed the Carnaval it was a nice day :)

What did you do yesterday?

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