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Día de Muertos

I cannot explain to you how blessed and happy I feel everyday to be living in Paris with the love of my life… though obviously there are the times in which I get extremely homesick, usually triggered by something specific.

Well today I am a lot! As I’ve mentioned to you before I’m a proud 100% mexican who is in love with her culture and traditions, and more specially in love with a certain date that mixes the religious with the spiritual and the mourning with the celebration, all sprinkled with an explotion of colors and decorations.

That is the Day of the Dead, a date that I remember loving since I was a kid {not to be confused with halloween which I liked too of course, but for completely different reasons. Hint: the trick or treating}

And ever since I realized I love photography, I also realized that this was the perfect day to snap the beautiful representations of what this date means to the people who celebrate it.

So my dad and I started this thing in which every year on the 2 of November we’d leave early and go riding by bike around the city in search of the most beautiful altars and demonstrations of the day of the dead, just so I could snap them.

So right now I really wish I could be with daddy going around the city on our bikes doing this. I promise next year we’ll do it :)

In the meantime I leave you with some of my favorite photographs from the last 2 years, I really hope you like them!

*All photos taken by me

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Waking up to cuddles, and being told you are beautiful and adorable, and smiling, and being energetic… is the best way to wake up.

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Apr 18, 2011

It’s a short video, but the quality is amazing

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