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Sep 4, 2012 / 3 notes


Hi! How are you?

Today I’m gonna show you some more pictures from our trip to Barcelona.

This day we decided to go to Parc Montjuic, which to be honest, was one of my favorite places {maybe because it’s one of the least crowded and it had a sense of calmness that I really enjoyed}. We also went to “La Boquería” but I’ll show you those pictures some other time :)

These are no outfit pictures, but we had fun taking them… specially since we decided that jumping is “our thing” {as you’ll start seeing in the following posts}

Now you can imagine this pair of “kids” jumping around in front of a camera… well you’ll let me know what you think! Even if you think we look a bit silly ^^


ESPAÑOL: Aquí unas fotos de nuestro segundo día en Barcelona.

Ese día fuimos a Parc Montjuic, que fue uno de mis lugares favoritos! Me encanto que casi no había gente y se sentía mucha tranquilidad. Ese día tambien fuimos al Mercado “La Boquería” que es como un paraíso de verdad!

Aug 30, 2012 / 4 notes


Hi guys!

The holidays for me are over so now I’ll have the time to share some photos with you.

As I mentioned before, Flo and I couldn’t wait to get away from the city so we went to Barcelona. It was our first time there so we did the typical touristy things {that plus enjoying the amazing weather and the beach}

These photos are from the day in which we want to Parc Güell, we tried to take advantage of some spots of the place to take some outfits photos. Also you’ll see some pics of Flo, since he allowed me to take more pictures of him because we were on a little trip :)

The “safari” shorts I’m wearing are from Zara and I’ve had them for a couple of years and had never worn them before. I remember loving them when I bought them and then never finding a way to wear them without it being completely unflattering to my body… So well, this is the best I could do. I do see that they are not a 100% super flattering but I think I managed something to wear them at least once… you’ll let me know what you think!

Hopefully you’ll like the photos!


ESPAÑOL: Día uno de nuestra visita a Barcelona! Este día fuimos a Parc Güell, y aprovechamos del lugar para tomar algunas fotos de mi outfit. También verán un poco de fotos de Flo, ya que como estábamos de vacaciones me dejó tomarle más fotos ;)

Sep 8, 2011 / 9 notes

Cala Bassa - Ibiza 3

So after a million years {yes I know I’ve been mia sorry} here are some pictures from the 3rd day in Ibiza

This day we went to a beach named Cala Bassa which was funny for me to say since in spanish it sounds like “pumpkin”… but anyways the thing is that this was my favorite beach from the ones I got to go to.

Obviously due to the high season it was packed with lots of people, but even that didn’t overshadow the beauty of this place {though I admit I kept wondering how amazing it could be if we had the beach for us only}

The day was great, plus the weather amazing and who can resist swimming in turquoise water? {it’s the Balearic Sea}

The only downside was that since we were staying at Sant Antoni de Portmany and didn’t rent a car; we were limited by the bus schedule being the last one leaving at 19h {when the sun was still bright and shining}

But Flo and I have promised to go back someday :)

That night we went to Privilege for the Gatecrasher concert but those few pictures will come later :)

Now let’s get to the pictures which make me feel a bit nostalgic since I remember how nice the weather was over there and how bad it is over here :/


Sending postcards to the family ;)

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Aug 31, 2011 / 1 note

Ibiza day 2

Yay so finally!… sorry I haven’t updated much. I was in a heavy week at school and then got super sick {I still am a bit} so I just couldn’t stand looking at the computer screen without having a major headache. But I’m back! 

I know my life is not so interesting so I’d love to hear about your holidays… apart from Ibiza I didn’t get to do much since I’m in summer school. But hopefully soon I’ll find some new places to show you or new/different activities to share with you… any ideas? {If so, let me know} 

In the meantime I leave you with some pictures from the second day at Ibiza, which pretty much consisted of enjoying the nice weather, enjoying the beach  {we went to Ibiza town} and relaxing :)

Good night everyone!!!

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Aug 24, 2011 / 11 notes

First day in Ibiza!

The pictures are here! {at least from the first day}

It was a pretty relaxed day, we arrived and went straight to install at the hotel. Since it was a bit late, we decided to go for a walk and get to know the surroundings… turns out Ibiza is like a heaven for those girls who love to “chacharear” as we say in spanish {to buy a lot of cheap, cute things without a purpose}… I went crazy! I wanted to spend all my money on bracelets {seriously gorgeous} and cheap-o colorful wayfarers.

Turns out that for trying not to spend all the money on the first day on bracelets… I limited myself so to buy them little by little… Huge mistake! then I didn’t find all the bracelets I originally wanted…

Lesson learned: if you find something you like and you’ve got the cash in at the moment… just go for it! {I can’t really assure you this is a wise advise though ^^}

Ohh tomorrow’s thursday!! :D We’re almost on weekend!!! {me I have a huge french civilization exam demain, and I haven’t even come close to my books :s and doesn’t seem likely to happen… shame on me!}

Hope you like the pictures!!! 

Finally on our way!
Freshly arrived and waiting for the bus {this is our first picture together as fiancés :D}


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Aug 6, 2011 / 3 notes

I’m going to Ibiza!!!!

Guys, you can’t even begin to imagine how excited I am!

I have probably never mentioned this {shame on me I should tell you more about me from time to time} but I’m a huge fan of Trance Music…

yes it’s true, it’s my favorite music in this world and my favorite artists in the world are 2 trance DJ’s Roger Shah and Dash Berlin.

Well I’ve always said that my dream would be to go to either one’s concert in Ibiza… and today while listening to one of Shah’s albums with Flo… he just said “we should do it, no matter where he goes, we should go to one of his concerts”

So we logged to his website and found out that he’ll be giving concerts every wednesday during august, so we checked and turns out that Dash Berlin will be there too!!! {same concert} 

Obviously it was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass… so guys NEXT WEEK there won’t be Paris for me… but tons of Ibiza :D

I promise to do my best to take millions of photos of the Balearic sea and the amazing vibe of this place <3

I’ll post next my favorite song of each DJ, who knows? You may end up loving them too ;)