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Jan 1, 2012 / 1 note

Anonymous said: Hi Ylenia! Happy new year! A question for you : did you wait until you get the French school's acceptance and student visa before you moved to France? or did you move and then applied to the school? I'm thinking of applying for next september but it's still too early for the applications and I've been told the results will come out only in may or even July, it just seems too far away :( How were you able to apply so early? thanks xx

Thank you! Happy new year to you too! As the answer the your question, yes I did wait until I had my visa to move to France.

I understand how you’d like to have everything ready already and not have to wait until july, but it seems like the best way to do it. I would recommend you to investigate all the procedures and paperwork you need to do in order to apply for a student visa, and already start making a file with all that you need, then when the whole school applications come, you just need to add this and you can go straight and get your visa :)

I’m just gonna begin my postgraduate next week but the reason that I’ve been living in Paris since last year, is because I’ve been studying french. So what I did, was apply to a french language school got my acceptance letter and with this requested a visa; recently I had to renew it, since that visa was for my language studies only and now I’ll be doing different studies… in order to get the renewal I had to prove that I’m enrolled in an education institution and do some paperwork.

Hope this helps! If you have any other doubt, you can send me an email 

Good luck!

Dec 28, 2011 / 1 note

Anonymous said: Still adoring your blog<3 Every picture makes me grin as I think of my past holiday with my bf in Paris<3 You may not remember but you sent me some kind words of motivation for my long distance relationship some months ago and I will never forget your kindness. Actually as I'm typing this, my boyfriend is sitting opposite me making funny faces x3 Thank you for maintaining a beautiful blog that reminds me true love knows no bounds xxx Joyeuse Fêtes a vous~ x

That’s really sweet thank you! I do remember! and you have no idea how glad I am to hear you are doing great and your relationship is strong and going :) and the best is to know that you’re getting to spend some time together, congratulations really! It’s really kind of you to say that, I’m happy be a proof that LDR aren’t a synonyme of “break-up”

Happy holidays to you too! Bisous!

Dec 7, 2011

Anonymous said: How cold is it in Paris right now? Do you have wear a big coat??

It’s SUPER COLD! Well at least for me, since I’m mexican and I’m used to a way warmer weather.

And yes, I have to wear a coat 24/7 and I’m not a fan at all! I like layering but for fun not for cold ^^

But to be more objective these days have been between 8°-15°C 


Nov 29, 2011 / 2 notes

Anonymous said: looking very fierce! with or without a smile, you're always beautiful :) Where will you study next semester? is it a fashion school like ESMOD? is it very expensive to study masters degree for foreigners in Paris? can't wait to hear about your experience! wish you the best of luck ~~

Aw thank you so much! Yes it is, and well I guess it all depends on the person. To me it is indeed very expensive, though not that unattainable since I was able to get a credit from the bank; which means I’m hooked for the next 2 years {I hate debts BUT I really wanted to do this}

And well when one decides to study a degree in Paris, one has to consider not only the tuition fees, but pretty much every expense that comes along {lodging, services, transport, food, clothes, entertainment, etc} so it’s a whole package, but nothing one can’t do with a little determination.

I can’t wait to share with you this whole experience too! Since right now I’m on holidays and I enter next month… I’m pretty bored/boring. So at the same time I’m thrilled and nervous for january to come and finally focus a 100% on fashion studies and hopefully after get a job in a fashion firm. 

I need all the positive vibes possible {I’m so nervous!!!}

Thanks for passing by!


Nov 22, 2011 / 6 notes

themostinterestingcolors said: Love your blog! I lived in Paris frequently as a child (my father is French) and am moving back there in the spring! If you ever need a model for any of your pictures, I am always looking to work for print and increase my portfolio! (I'm also a circus performer, I work primarily with fire and LED hula hoops, yay colors!).Your fashion sense is also killer, I'm dying to get some tips from you!

Aw thank you!!! How cool is it that you’re a circus performer!? That sounds so interesting! I would love that, though I have to warn you that I ain’t no professional, but I guess we could have some fun snapping around :D

Oct 19, 2011

uneamericaine said: Hi! Just had to say I am beyond jealous of your PFW photos! In a good way of course :) They're absolutely gorgeous - you really could sell some of those. The one of Patricia and Frida is amazing (I loved Frida's outfit). How on earth were you able to get such clear shots without hundreds of other people in the way??? I must get some photography tips from you soon. Hope all is well!! Xoxo

Aw you’re sweet! I know what you mean, people get all crazy but I sort of got in their vibe and started running and going searching for a good spot, it was so much fun! With all that people looking perfect I don’t know I just wanted to take a picture of all of them {I didn’t succeed lol} and at the same time I felt a little bit embarrassed ^^ it was like a guilty pleasure cause I loved it but I felt like a paparazzi at the same time.

I’ll let you know when my mom leaves, right now I’m letting myself be pampered and just chat all day long :D

We’ll have to get together one day to just stroll around Paris and snap pictures all over :)

Oct 12, 2011 / 1 note

Anonymous said: hi Yle! Do you like cooking? Are the dishes you cook very different from back in Mexico? xx

Hey there! Well, I’m not a person who’s passionate about cooking but I don’t hate it either, and I even enjoy it sometimes.
It’s funny that you ask that, because I’ve found myself cooking almost all the food I used to eat back home (with the obvious limitations) so I think it’s actually Flo who’s eating as if he were not in France instead of me eating as if I were not in México ^^
There’s a sort of mixture between french and mexican in what we eat… and I try to add a little “spicy-ness” [sorry for the invented word] to everything I cook.

Hope this answered your question, thanks for passing by!!
xo :)

Oct 8, 2011

bloomingcolors said: J'espère que tu passes une belle semaine avec ta mère! ça me manque de voir les photos que tu prends lors de tes petites aventures à Paris :D

ah merci, tu es très gentille! oui je sais, ca me manque de faire des petits postes aussi… j’ai beaucoup de photos pour partager!! :) j’espère que tout va bien pour toi, gros bisous!!

Sep 25, 2011 / 10 notes

Anonymous said: Thanks for answering my question about finding apartments :) I have another question for you. I have been to Paris a few times and one of the few things that "shocked" me was the metro and RER, there are so many "racailles" it and sometimes it feels so ghetto, I couldn't believe I was in Paris lol. several of my friends have gotten their purses stolen in the RER. Have you had any problems with the metro in Paris?

Hi there! Oh no biggie I’m no expert but I’m glad to be able to give you some insight through my own experience.

In regards of the metro, all I have to say is that as beautiful and amazing as Paris is; it still has the same problems other cities have {dirty streets, traffic, poverty, insecurity…}

We have to take into consideration that the RER is the one that communicates Paris to the banlieu and that includes some lower class areas.

I believe it’s not right to make assumptions on people based on their appearance or the way they dress.

So no, not because you don’t see as many chic parisians it automatically means they are gonna mug you.
But it is true, that the RER tends to be a bit more dangerous than the main lines of the metro in Paris, and that is simply because there’s a higher traffic of people and less security.

So just as I’d do in any other city aka NY or London. I just take really basic precautions. Not being too show off, not using the metro/RER too late at night and much less alone, being aware and attentive at what’s going on around me, etc.

Personally I’ve had the luck of never having any problem so far, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. I have indeed found myself in situations in which I feel a bit threatened and I’ve literally just left the place right away. 

There’s no right answer to this, but I hope it sort of cleared your doubt :))

Sep 19, 2011 / 1 note

Anonymous said: hi sweetie, your nails are fantastic ! definitely worth the price ;) I wanted to ask you, is it easy to find a decent appartment in Paris? Did you have an "ideal" arrondissement at first and where did you end up finding one?

Oh hi and thanks I agree I love them!

Regarding the appartment in Paris it is certainly not an easy task.

There’s too much demand for apts in Paris which lets the owners go way overbord with the price per month and also lets them be complete asses.
One has to pretty much stalk/push them because they either not answer your calls or they promise to contact you back and they don’t, or say the apt is yours and lease it to someone else… it’s pretty rough so the best advice I can give you {or anyone looking for one} is to plan ahead and be really patient.

And well to be honest I didn’t have it that rough, since I had the advantage of having a french person to deal with them {it’s easier for them to abuse when they know you’re a foreigner and more if you don’t speak french perfectly}.

And well if it had been for me I’d live in the 5th {the latin quarter} you know St Germain des Près all hip and chic or maybe in the 16th for the gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower {and the clean streets} or the 2th for the location.

But I ended up in the 15th (which is probably on of the least touristic arrondissements in Paris) and though in the beginning I wasn’t thrilled {I wanted a penthouse in Ave. Montaigne lol} turns out it’s quite a nice place… I don’t live nor in the most chic nor fanciest place, but I already love it here.

Specially because I feel safe and comfortable, plus Flo & I have made out of our little apartment a warm cocoon :)